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Alder Point is rooted in natural systems & rural places.

Every farm and forest sits within a watershed, is part of a broader ecosystem, is managed by people, and is surrounded by communities.


We find opportunities where capital can support the health of each.

Image by Miha Rekar

Built for impact.



Reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with food & fiber production, while enhancing land-based carbon sequestration. Invest in climate resilience.



Acquire, protect, and restore critical habitat areas to improve the outlook for rare species and functional ecosystems. Re-wild marginal lands.



Reduce water use, protect safe drinking water, and restore watersheds for habitat and downstream communities.


Rural Prosperity

Support equitable jobs and wealth creation in rural communities through partnership with diverse local businesses and civic organizations.

The climate crisis. Loss of species and ecosystems. Rural economic stagnation.


Systemic issues require transformative investment that is relevant to communities and regional economies. Alder Point’s highly tailored approach focuses on what matters most: delivering broad impact across climate, water, biodiversity, and rural economies.

Measurable goals across four themes:

Demonstrating financial performance of regenerative land management is critical to wider adoption. By building local capacity for land stewardship and value-add supply chains, Alder Point extends impact well beyond its direct footprint.


Alder Point’s dark green impact profile is based upon the team’s expertise in land stewardship for climate & biodiversity outcomes, lived experience in rural communities, and a track record of success using impact as a driver of financial value creation.

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