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Founding partners with a decade of collaboration
Years of combined real assets investing experience
Directly deployed as a team
Return + impact focused

Alder Point invests in high-quality U.S. farmland & timberland.

Image by Sitraka

Finding opportunity in sustainable & regenerative production.

We partner with local operators to create value for investors, with a focus on financial returns, risk management, and community partnerships.

Our hands-on management approach is designed for income growth and positive impact:

  • Organic & regenerative production systems

  • Land conservation & ecological restoration

  • Resource efficiency, electrification, renewables

  • Ag-tech implementation, right-sizing operations

  • Property repositioning, redevelopment
  • Regional supply chain partnerships

What we believe.

Active management unlocks income growth, natural capital restoration, and regional partnerships that drive real assets performance.

Climate change is impacting regional prospects for food & fiber production while increasing volatility in core production regions.

Execution requires partnerships with values-aligned farmers & foresters who offer scaled production expertise and local insights.

Today's valuation environment demands a balance of rigor and creativity to find great opportunities.​

Production systems, markets, and impact opportunities are local in nature, requiring close attention to community voices and regional partners.

Landowners are increasingly rewarded for positive environmental & community impact via new revenue streams, asset marketability, and asset values.

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